[Mission & Vision]


Our sights are set on the future—we can taste it! With people like you joining the plant-based parade, our mission to shift food systems for the better only grows stronger—so, we’ll keep that marching band playing loud.

Person carrying a stack of Future Farm boxes down the stairs.

We Believe In


From flavor to function to furthering the next generation, plants have it all and do it all.

  • Treat Your Tastebuds

    Nothing is more delicious than wholesome, clean ingredients. Rather than just measuring and mixing them all together, we nurture each to its fullest depth of flavor. Our secret recipe? Attention to the perfect balance of time, order and temperature. It’s kind of like the difference between jarred tomato sauce and a Bolognese that’s been simmering on the stove for hours.

  • Treat Your Body

    We’re not here to lecture anyone on why they should eat more plants—the evidence is clear that they help us feel great from the inside out. We’re here to encourage and make it easier for you, your auntie, your plus-one, your growing-up-too-fast child, and everyone else to eat delicious plant-based foods.

  • Treat Your Planet

    When you eat more plant-based foods, your thinking shifts from “I” to “We”. Collectively, we can be a powerful force for change. In the near future, making the tasty choice for you, people across the globe, and our earth all happens in one delicious bite.

GIrls eating pizza


  • Keep Evolving

    Try, learn and refine has been our approach from day one. We’re a team of fundamentally curious people, so we explore anything that makes plant-based foods utterly satiating, like the science of taste or how plant molecules deepen flavor experiences or engineering new machinery to change the game.

  • Make Sustainability Non-Negotiable

    We weave sustainability into the entire Future Farm experience—it’s the best way to prove it can be done. It starts with sourcing 100% non-GMO ingredients, extends to our recyclable packaging, informs our production and shipping practices, and comes full circle with healthy, natural food on your plate.

  • We’re in This Together

    Our connections with you, our awesome team, innovative partners, and all the future plant-eaters out there is what drives us toward joyful change. From sharing recipes to sharing ideals, finding your people is everything—and you’ve come to the right place.

    Our Community
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