Our food systems haven’t changed, but our planet’s needs have—and that has our full attention. At Future Farm, we’re integrating sustainable practices and replacing stale standards with tastier ones that prove you don’t have to trade flavor for the future.

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Our 100% Carbon-Neutral Future Burger

Plant-based patties have always had a smaller footprint than meat patties, but Future Burger steps it up by leaving even less of a trace. Whenever you purchase a Future Burger, 100% of the carbon emissions produced—from growing the crops to disposal at your house—are offset by Climate Partner. Even better, we’re specifically offsetting by preventing Amazon deforestation in our home country, Brazil. Eat a plant-based burger, change the world.

How it all stacks up

We believe in the power of plants to make sure people can enjoy earth for a good time and a loooong time. Future Farm is building a better future for everyone – a paradise where pure deliciousness doesn’t tax our planet.

  • 2.9 kg CO2 eq

    Future Burger

  • 295 kg CO2 eq

    Animal burger

The production of the Future Burger uses considerably less resources than traditional meat products.

  • 92%less land

  • 96%less water

  • -99%less carbon emissions

SOURCE: BlendGroup 2022
  • B Corp - coming soon!


You’ve heard it a hundred times, but it never loses strength: we’re more powerful when we work together. That’s why we unite with other forward-thinking organizations and partners that believe in changing how we eat for the better.

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