Make your menu future-proof

The people have spoken—and they’re eating more plants! It’s not just vegans and vegetarians looking for non-meat options, but flexitarians, too. Get ahead of the demand and add our delicious plant-based foods to your menu to feed everyone’s cravings.

Person cooking with Future Mince

Why Future Farm?

  • Unmatched Texture

    Essential for a memorable food experience, our texture wows because we take five times longer than our competitors to achieve a feel and consistency that’s as close to the original as it gets. From prep to cook to bite after bite, our texture keeps you coming back for more.

  • Clean, Recognizable Ingredients

    When folks ask, what it’s made of—you can answer easily. Our plant-based foods are made with a short-list of responsibly sourced ingredients you know by name.

  • Flavor Is Everything

    Wholesome, clean plants are already packed with flavor—but we go further. Extra attention to time and temperature is what makes our foods memorable and craveable. They’re ready to cook as is or taken up a level with signature seasonings and blends. Give your gourmet burger a plant-based pal that earns its own awesome reputation.

  • Cooks to Perfection

    Delicious food depends on a perfect finish—and these deliver. In the pan or on the flattop, our plant-based foods cook from raw to well-done just like their meat counterparts, from a superbly seared Future Burger to crispy-skinned Future Sausage. When the same cooking techniques apply, it’s easier to keep the orders going.

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Get in touch

Want to sample some products for your menu? We’d be happy to send some your way! Something else? Just let us know.

Future Burger


With 100% plant-based ingredients and irresistible taste and texture, our foods make it easy to expand your menu for more ways of eating.

Closeup of sandwich
"We use the future Burger in our smash burger and Our customers love the amazing texture and full flavour..."
Sohla Mendelsohn