A stellar taste experience starts with top-quality, fairly-grown, non-GMO ingredients. Thanks to our longstanding relationships with natural suppliers, all plants are grown to our delicious standards. Here are our MVP's.

  • Chickpea

    Sustainable superfood

  • Pea

    Rich in iron

  • Soybean

    A complete protein

  • Natural plant extracts

    Flavors that sing

  • Canola oil

    Texture enhancer

  • Coconut oil

    Savory and satiating

  • Salt

    What’s food without it?

  • Beet

    Truly natural color


The future of food starts here

Today’s innovations will be tomorrow’s standards—but only if you challenge the norm. Challenge, accepted. The more people who love plant-based foods, the better for our planet—and your palate.

  • Always Be Discovering

    Doing things differently often means making things from scratch (like machines that do what we need) or creating new processes (that can’t be replicated anywhere else). From timing to temperature to technique, our carefully calibrated recipe doesn’t take any shortcuts.

  • Dedicated to the Details

    Mad scientists? No chance. More like Happy scientists. With change in mind from day one, we built our own dream factory. Here, we explore new technologies and refine our method with full control and care. You know the drill—when you want to get it right, do it yourself.

  • Made with True Texture Technology

    Mouthfeel should be renamed mouth-feels, because it’s so important to happy eating. Getting texture right is essential to an incredible culinary experience—but you already know that. Since it’s undeniable, we take our time—five times longer than some competitors, actually—for superior plant-based foods that mimic their original inspiration.

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